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Why Rent A Website?

Save Time & Money: Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a website built for you and then pay thousands of dollars more to get it optimized for the search engines. And it could be out-of-date in just a short time.

No more worrying over choosing the right domain name or keywords for your business website. You don’t even need to think about design, hosting, page titles, descriptions, navigation, usability, readability, keyword density, keyword semantics, page rank, linking and all other costly SEO techniques.   

Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Website

  1.   Avoid paying $1000′s for a Website Purchase that could be out-of-date next year. 
  2.   Put your money into your business instead of a website.  Perfect for new or small companies on a tight budget. 
  3.   Websites have become “must have” tool for any modern business – it works for you 24-7. 
  4.   No Minimum Contract to Rent a Website. 
  5.   Save the time, trouble and expense of designing and creating your own site so you can devote your time to your business(YOUR area of expertise) and let us spend time developing your rental website (OUR area of expertise) 
  6.   We use YOUR Images, your products, your staff etc, in your website, giving it atruly personal look. 
  7.   We do it all for you. Your site is designed from the ground up to be Search Engine Friendly, using our unique development process for top ranking   sites.  When you sign up to rent a website, we explain to you the importance of Domain Name / Website Structure / Keywords.  
  8.   I am a retired businessman who loves to create websites. I will take a personal interest in your project to make sure we get it right. 
  9.   No misunderstandings that often happen when several different people are involved in creating your website from design to building the website, sales, accounts, SEO etc.  It’s quicker and easier and more personal than working with a large web design company.
  10.   Compared to flyers, yellow pages, TV and Radio Ads – Website Rentals are probably the most Cost-Effective way to advertise your business, and certainly the most flexible. 

If you don't have a up-to-date Modern Website You won't be in Business for long

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